Boulder DSA's Statement on Rojava

October 14th, 2019

The Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with the revolutionary struggle in northern Syria. Donald Trump recently announced that the US military would withdraw from Syria—giving the green light for Turkey to invade the Autonomous Administrations of North and East Syria, known colloquially as Rojava. Rising out of the ashes of the Syrian Civil War and the subsequent rapid growth of ISIS, Rojava proved to be an improbable success in the midst of so much suffering. Inspired by the works of Murray Bookchin, Rojava structured itself in a decentralized manner, and successfully incorporated ethnic minorities and women in its democratic governing structures.

The Turkish invasion of Rojava will likely lead to the resurgence of ISIS, as well as being a devastating humanitarian disaster in itself. The secular, democratic, and egalitarian political project of Rojava is a beacon of hope indicating the potential to transform society into one that is freer and fairer. Through the struggle of the people of Rojava, a possibility for a liberatory political future is revealed—one which is not realizable under neoliberal capitalism.

Despite Turkey’s claimed desire of border security through the creation of a ‘safe zone,’ the true intentions are clear—Turkey’s reactionary government aspires to the creation of an empire. We have already seen the ethnic cleansing, and colonization of Afrin by Turkey’s militias under Operation Olive Branch, we have already seen the abuses of the people perpetrated by the Jihadist elements of the occupying force, and we have already seen the barbaric suppression, brutalization, and destruction of Nusaybin, and many other predominantly Kurdish towns in Turkey. The idea that Turkey merely wants to secure its borders is a mere facade. The rhetoric of the ruling AKP, along with the fascist MHP, makes it clear that they have plans of territorial expansion and that they fear an egalitarian political organization that may stand in the way of those plans. The reactionary rulers of Turkey fear the political expression of those they oppress because this expression threatens to reignite the struggle for liberation inside Turkey itself. We must also always remember that this invasion is being enabled by the United States, which values its relationship with Turkey (the second largest NATO nation) beyond the continued survival of Rojava.

We call on all those capable: Do not let this flame be extinguished, suffocated in its infancy! Do not let this moment pass quietly! We must stand up and fight back!

The Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America urge you to participate in a phone zap for Rojava by calling the DoubleTree hotel in Englewood regarding their hosting of a Turkish pro-Erdogan “Ball for the Republic”. If the event is not cancelled, we will join our comrades from Rojava Solidarity Colorado and picket the event.

Their number is 303-779-6161.

With love and solidarity, The Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America