Signs made by Boulder DSA members

Boulder DSA is a local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the US. We are a “big tent” organization: our members come from many backgrounds with many points of view, but we all agree on one thing—unchecked capitalism has created a society that puts corporate profit above human rights, and we are committed to changing that through direct, grassroots action.

Our chapter in Boulder and Broomfield counties has active campaigns working on:

  • Fighting the Boulder county housing crisis through eviction assistance and organizing tenants’ unions
  • Ending the University of Colorado’s despicable use of prison labor and its exclusive contracts with for-profit prisons
  • Promoting decent healthcare as a human right that should be universally available and affordable, and supporting the landmark legislation that is the Medicare for All Bill
  • Boulder DSA employs many tactics, including legislative, protests, and direct community action. We don’t believe any one alone is sufficient for changing our society. If you want to fight back against Trumpist rule by the rich and oppression and scapegoating of the vulnerable, join us today!