Boulder DSA's Statement on the Cuban Protests

July 19th, 2021

Boulder County DSA stands with the Cuban people against US imperialism and condemns all acts of aggression against the Republic of Cuba by the United States

   In the 60 years since the United States government’s failed attempt to conquer Cuba in the Bay of Pigs invasion, it has strangled Cuba with a genocidal trade embargo. Last year, it issued a new wave of sanctions aiming to subvert the Cuban economy and deny its people access to critical resources. These sanctions are having a devastating impact, hampering Cuba’s effort to combat COVID-19. Early this year, Cuba was once again added to the list of “state sponsors of terror”, a laughable designation considering the history of US-backed terrorism on the island, from bombing farmlands, to introducing foreign diseases to kill livestock, and to the crashing of passenger jets.

   Cuba has been a shining example for pandemic management, keeping case numbers and death tolls low while still caring for its people’s economic well-being. It is the only third world country to have developed a vaccine – two vaccines have now been approved, one developed by Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering has an efficacy of 92%, surpassing the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. There is a nasal spray vaccine in the works, which could be revolutionary for vaccine administration in the global south. However, due to US sanctions and trade restrictions, Cuba faces shortages of syringes, medical supplies, and other goods. Boulder County DSA unequivocally condemns the 60-year blockade and the crippling sanctions imposed by the USA on this sovereign nation as illegal and immoral acts of war. We reject operations of espionage, coercion, and propaganda meant to destabilize the Republic, undermine the Cuban peoples right to self-determination, or drum up American support for US intervention.

Hands off Cuba!