Boulder Democratic Socialists of America

Boulder Democratic Socialists of America is an activist organization which seeks to democratize not only our government but also our economy, our workplaces, and our society.

A call to action:

Are you angry about inequality and injustice in the US? Do you see the problems of racism, sexism, xenophobia and poverty getting worse rather than better? Are you finished with electing representatives that vote with their donors and not their constituents?

It’s time to radically re-define US democracy. Workers have a right to participate in the decisions of their employers. Residents of a community have the right to say whether oil companies can put wells next to their children’s schools. That the wealthiest country in the world can’t adequately feed, shelter, and medically treat all of its citizens is a travesty and embarrassment.

With American life expectancy falling, the wealth gap growing, the public education system under siege, and a President who is the worst example of a racist, sexist, and incredibly incompetent Boss with no virtue but his Extreme Wealth—we are not waiting for someone to save us with promises of Hope and Change. This time, Change will come from below, and it will be overwhelming. Join us and fight. Join us and win.

In solidarity,

—Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America

Boulder County DSA’s 2023 Voter Guide

Guía Electoral del Condado de Boulder DSA