Expectations For Respectful Discussion

Summarized from the DSA National guidelines.

Assume good faith in your fellow comrades

  • Speak from experience, speak for yourself.
  • Clarify before challenging others.
  • Challenge oppressive behaviors, but call each other “in”, rather than call each other out.

Know whether you need to “step up” or “step back”

  • Create a safe and inclusive space for everybody.
  • Avoid dominating the conversation, respect the facilitator.
  • If you don’t often speak up, we encourage you to do so!

Please ask yourself “Why am I Talking?” (WAIT)

  • Has what you want to say already been said?
  • Is this on topic?
  • Is there a better time and place to say it, or another way, such as nodding your head, of expressing your opinion?

Please recognize and respect others feelings, background, and cultural differences

  • Don’t use language that’s oppressive or hurtful.
  • Refrain from using acronyms or complicated language that could exclude others.

We have “one mic” so do not interrupt or speak while others are talking

  • This is basic politeness.

Respect the facilitator when they use Progressive Stack

  • Raise your hand if you want to speak, then put it down when the facilitator acknowledges you.
  • You will be called on in an order determined by how recently and often you’ve talked, and whether or not you are a member of a marginalized group.

Be comradely and have fun

  • Who said movement building can’t be fun?
  • We need to create a culture that is not only sustainable, but restorative, to win.
  • Keep criticisms constructive and impersonal.